Vicente Wolf visits Linda Eyles Design

Art Institute students participate in round table discussion

Most days at work are good days, and some are great days. I recently had just such a day when design luminary Vicente Wolf visited Houston as part of a book tour celebrating his latest tome “The Four Elements of Design” published by Rizzoli Books. He was a very busy man while in town, judging the Paper City design awards and being feted with cocktails and lunches in all sorts of glamorous locations.

Yet in the midst of all these events, Mr. Wolf wanted to take the time to sit down with local interior design students and share his passion for his work. Ten of the top students from the Art Institute of Houston gathered in my office at Linda Eyles Design, Inc. to listen and draw inspiration.

Wolf spoke candidly with the students about his background and how he came to be one of the most sought after interior designers in the world. The students hung on every word as the design star described his accidental entry into the business, his commitment to his vision, and his passion for knowledge, culture, and travel.

The iconic designer told the Art Institute students that he understands what a space needs as soon as he enters a room. He said that he never second guesses himself and “always goes with his gut”.

Mr. Wolf was humble and utterly engaging with the students as he answered questions and shared secrets about the world of interiors. Each lucky student received a signed copy of “The Four Elements of Design” to study.

As elegant and successful as Vicente Wolf is, he is also a man who doesn’t rest. He is inquisitive about the world of design and constantly searching for new ideas through his experiences and travels. In fact, he is currently planning a visit to a remote kingdom in the Far East where he is will immerse himself in local culture. Undoubtedly he will return to New York not only refreshed, but with a treasure trove to fill his showroom and client’s homes.

And true to his word, the famous designer was inspired himself later that afternoon on a private tour of the Menil House hosted by local art world celeb Judy Nyquist and the curators of the home. Both Vicente Wolf and I were given an exclusive look at the stunning property designed for Dominique and John de Menil by architect Philip Johnson and interior designer Charles James. Wolf was fascinated by the clash of Johnson’s International Style of architecture and fashion designer James’ color palette and furnishings. Wolf’s sharp eye caught every detail—including an entry hall table and a sunny yellow Rothko painting that had been moved for rotating exhibitions.

Vicente Wolf believes in sharing his knowledge with the next generation so that they, too, can be inspired to create beautiful interiors as he has done throughout his forty years in the business. For me, it was a highlight of my career and a day I won’t soon forget.

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